Partner Support

The Jenkins Centre offers a partner support service for current or ex-partners  of individuals on our programmes.

Is my partner being abusive?

Domestic abuse comes in many forms and can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, income or culture.

We often associate it with violence but it can also include a range of emotionally, financially and sexually abusive behaviours that are often overlooked.

The overall aim of domestic abuse is to maintain control over another person or persons within a family setting.

Why would I need support?

It is entirely up to you whether you would like to access the Partner Support Services. However, you may wish to talk about the abuse you have experienced, doubts you have about your partner's ability to change, concerns you have about your ability to trust your partner, the effect their abuse has had on you, and what you can do if your partner continues to be abusive. Should you choose to, we can offer the following support for during the group process and up to 6 months after the group has finished.

  • Informing you of the process your partner is going through and the topics covered on the group programme.
  • Informing you of any missed appointments.
  • Confidential one-to-one support sessions, conducted either in person or over the phone.
  • Referrals to other agencies such as counselling services, housing and support for your children who may have been affected by Domestic Violence.

Will my partner know that I am in contact?

All of those attending the intervention services are informed of the Partner Support Service and are required to give detials of who they have been abusive towards so that we can make contact. However, your partner will not be informed about your engagement with the Partner Support Service or anything that you disclose within your sessions.

The only way your partner will know the details of your engagement with us is if you choose to tell them.

Getting in touch

You can call us on 0116 254 0101 or email us via

Download our leaflet

Click here to download our Partner Support Service leaflet


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