Support for Children and Young People

Would you like to speak to someone who will listen to and support you in your own time and space?

Has someone hurt you or you have been forced to do things that have made you feel uncomfortable?

If someone has hurt you, or you have been forced to do things that have made you feel uncomfortable and/or sexually abused at any point in your life you can get support from a Children & Young Person’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (CHISVA)

CHISVA’s are Independent Sexual Violence Advisers for children and young people

A CHISVA is independent from the police and social services and can listen to you, support you and answer any

questions that you or your family might have. Our CHISVA can also provide support for parents and carers where appropriate

If you would like to speak to someone call us on 0808 802 0028 or you can text on: 07860 923051. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24hrs.

Here are some examples of Sexual Abuse/Assault?
· Being touched in a way you don’t like without giving permission or consent.
· Made to look at sexual pictures or videos, do something sexual or made to watch someone do something sexual.
· Manipulating you to carry out sexual acts in exchange for getting something like money, gifts or drugs. This is called Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
· Someone flashing or exposing themselves to you either in person or online
· Someone sending you sexual messages, pictures or photographs… this is called Sexting
· Being forced, tricked or pressured to take part in any kind of sexual activity with another person.

This doesn’t have to be physical contact and it can happen online

If you have experienced any of the above, remember …
· It is not your fault
· You will be believed
· You are right to tell someone
· You can get help, you are not alone
· It can happen to both girls and boys
· It can be someone you know or a stranger
· Sexual abuse isn’t always ‘full sex’ it can include touching, kissing, oral sex or anything sexual

You can call also call Childline (0800 1111) or chat to a Childline counsellor online any time day or night. You don’t have to tell them your name and the calls are free. They will listen to you, talk to you about what is happening and help you decide what to do next.