How can the Jenkins Centre Help?






We provide interventions that are designed to help people stop using abusive behaviour towards an intimate partner or ex-partner. This is done through group programmes and one-to-one sessions.  We will first assess you to decide on an approriate intervention for you.

Who can access the programme?

The Jenkins Centre is open to anyone over the age of 18 living in Leicester City who has been abusive in an intimate relationship. We work with both men and women who identify themselves as straight, gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. The centre works with people from all ethnic, religious and cultural groups and will try to meet the unique needs of all diverse groups. Non- English speakers, if assessed as suitable will be offered an interpreter service

You will first need to attend an assessment, which usually takes place over two sessions and is arranged to suit your availability .  The assessments process will look at whether you are suitable for an intervention programme and whether you are ready to change your behaviour. Not everyone that is abusive in their relationships will be suitable for this service.

How long is the group programme?

The group work programme is run once a week for 24 weeks and is split into two stages. The first stage is called the Safer Relationships Programme,  and the second stage is called the Respectful Relationships Programme, both stages lasts for 12 weeks each. There is then the option of attending a Dads Programme after successfully completing the first two stages ( depending on availability)

All groups are held on a weekday evening

Safer Relationships Programme- Thursday Evenings from 6pm-8:30pm ( with a 15 minute break)

Respectful Relationships Programme - Tuesday Evenings from 6pm-8:30pm ( with a 15 minute break)

We deliver a 'rolling programme' which means that we have an intake every 6 weeks for the group. This means that you never have to wait longer than 6 weeks to start your behaviour change process.

How do I access the Individual Interventions Programme?

The Individual Interventions Programme will be offered to Women using violent and abusive behaviours ( as we have no group programme), Non-English speakers, people who are in same -sex relationships and those men who are unable to attend group due to work commitments. 

How do I get to the Jenkins Centre?

We are based in Leicester City Centre and all our sessions are run from the Centre so are easily accessable by public transport. A worker will be able to give you our exact address once an initial assesment date has been confirmed.

Is the service confidential?

Our service is confidential however there are some limitations to this if we are concerned about your safety or your risk to others and the safety of others, including chidren where we have a duty to share information. We may also need your consent to gain information from other agencies .

If a professional had referred you to the centre we will share the information with them.

We will be clear and honest with you about what will be confidential and what cannot be.  You will be required to sign an agreement, which will detail when and why we will share information.

What is offered to my partner or ex-partner?

The Jenkins Centre has a separate support service that will be offered to the individual you have been violent/abusive towards. This service is predominantly based on providing emotional support, sharing information on topics covered in group and enabling partners to have realistic expectations of change. If the details of your partner/ex-partner are not shared we will be unable to offer you an intervention service.

FreeVA - Free From Violence and Abuse (Charity Number: 1122344)