About The Jenkins Centre

We are here to support you.  We understand what you may be experiencing and we can help.

The Jenkins Centre was set up in 2012 and is part of Freeva, a registered charity based in Leicester, working towards reducing domestic abuse, rape and sexual assault.

As part of our commitment to reducing domestic abuse we also deliver services to those that use harmful behaviours in their relationships through The Jenkins Centre.

We work as part of a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) model that brings services together to ensure we keep survivors safe, hold that use harmful behaviours to account, and prevent domestic abuse.

What is the Jenkins Centre?

The Jenkins Centre is named after Alan Jenkins, and his work in developing ‘invitational practice’ in addressing use of abuse. Invitational practice describes forms of intervention that seek to engage perpetrators in an ethical journey toward respectful relationships, thereby supporting them to change and take responsibility for their behaviours. The Jenkins Centre combines elements of the invitational approach, Cognitive behavioural therapy and trauma informed practice.

We believe that with the right support, long term change is possible.

An important part of our programme is our integrated support for partners and ex partners. This is offered to all individuals whose partner or ex-partner is working to address their use of abuse, and ensures that we are able to provide a full and safe interventions to facilitate long term change.

We deliver Respect Accredited programmes so you can be assured that the service is of a high-quality standard, regularly monitored and supported to frequently reflect and improve on best working practices. You can find out further information on the accreditation on Respect’s website.

The Jenkins Centre also offers a Young Person’s project for young people using adolescent to parent violence (APV), and intimate partner violence (IPV) in their own relationships. For more information on this please click here.

We are committed to raising awareness, changing culture and supporting others to challenge domestic abuse safely. Our specialist team provide training, workshops and toolkits on working with those using violence and abuse.  For more information on how to access our comprehensive training programme, or talk to us about developing a bespoke option to fully meet your teams needs, call us on 0116 2540101 or email training@jenkinscentre.org

The Jenkins Centre Leaflets

Jenkins Centre Leaflet - Adult Perpetrator Service. (pdf)

How We Can Help You

Supporting People to Change Their Behaviour

Are you hurting the one you love? Do you need support to change your behaviour? If you are suitable for our programme,  The Jenkins Centre will work with you to explore the best way to support you to make changes to your behaviour.

Partner Support Service

All partners of clients that are suitable for the Jenkins Centre programme are offered our Partner Support Service. The Partner Support Service is to support the partners of the clients who are working to change their behaviour, as this can be complex process for all involved and our services are designed to support people through the change process.

Change Is Possible

Years of delivering the programme to Leicester and Leicestershire residents has shown that our programme is effective, and for those who are motivated and willing to work with us change is possible. It can be scary, and difficult at times but The Jenkins Centre team will provide guidance and support to help overcome these challenges.