Community Champions

We are here to support you.  We understand what you may be experiencing and we can help.

Do people naturally talk to you? By becoming a Community Champion you can make a difference to people who are affected by domestic violence or sexual violence.

You don’t need to be an expert to help. Receive free Community Champion training to:

Understand the signs and symptoms of sexual and domestic violence
Become confident in helping people access specialist services

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How many times?

We use the phrase ‘How many times?’ in our social media account for a few reasons:

on average, a person experiences 36 incidents of domestic abuse before seeking help
nationally there are still more than two women a week dying due to domestic abuse
thousands of men, women and children continue to be affected by these abuses every year in Leicester.

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Remember, you are not alone – many people experience domestic violence, rape and/or sexual assault. Recognising that you are experiencing violence and abuse is the first step and accessing support can help you to decide what you can do.